Couples Therapy and Family Therapy are therapeutic modalities that can be provided on their own, or in conjunction with individual therapy. As clients make changes within themselves, the relationships they occupy must also change to accommodate individual growth. While therapeutic changes can be positive and beneficial for clients, they can pose a challenge within relational roles and systems which have been operating upon the 'old ways of behaving'. In couples therapy and family therapy, I help couples and family members understand and address these challenges in order to strengthen the health and overall satisfaction of the relational unit.

Couples therapy and family therapy are ideal modalities for those who wish to receive guidance from a licensed professional to achieve optimal satisfaction within their relationships.

Couples therapy and family therapy ARE NOT appropriate for relationships in which either or both parties are abusive to one another (including ANY form of abuse), as well as for relationships in which one or both parties are simply 'going through the motions' but have no desire or intention to grow or even continue their relationship.

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